Women’s Update (07/23/2015) | Ministry Spotlight: Pioneer Girls

This week’s Ministry Spotlight will run for several weeks.  This week, we invite you to get to know one of our coordinators for Pioneer Girls, Dorinda McConnell, through a more in-depth “About Me”.  Next week, we will share about Dayra Rumbaugh and how God has used the Pioneer Girls ministry in her life.

Ministry Spotlight:
Pioneer Girls

We wanted to share some exciting news about the program starting in September.  We are adding a middle school group to Pioneer Girls. This new class will be for 7th -9th graders.  It will look a lot like the traditional PG classes, but, our focus for these emerging young women is for small group discipleship, leadership training, life skill development, service projects, and some fun events…all enveloped in a community that is just right for the age of these girls. 
The group would meet at regular PG time:  4:00-5:30 on Wednesdays. We hope families with girls this age will consider being a part of this new group. If you’re interested, let us know if you are thinking of participating.  This will help us plan for the year. 
Also, please be praying about our need for leaders this coming year.  We are looking for lead teachers from New Life in Christ Church, but also specialized “unit” leaders who can lead/teach specific skills for just 1-2 class times during the year.  We also need nursery leaders.  
We are looking forward to seeing all that God will do through PG this year as well as continuing to lay a sure foundation in these girls’ lives (Isaiah 33:6). Thank you for praying and participating faithfully each year.
Warmly in Christ,
Dorinda McConnell and Sharon Leaman
About Dorinda:  My husband Jeff and I have been attending NLIC for 31 years now and I have been involved in Pioneer Girls for 17 years (16 as a coordinator).  I have four children (Trevor, Meghan, Colin, and Erin).  I also work part time as a medical (laboratory) technologist for Kaiser Permanente.  I got involved with Pioneer Girls when Meghan, my oldest daughter, was 4 or 5 and started going to Scooters.  Her brother had started CSB a couple of years earlier and we decided we would commit to having our children involved in those ministries.  The year after Erin was born, I started helping with the “pioneer boys” (leader’s sons), but the coordinator left at the end of that year and Jackie Geoffrion persuaded me to take her place.  The years have flown by and my little girls are almost grown; many of the girls in the older groups now have children of their own.  Pioneer Girls has been a real blessing to my girls as they have grown up.  I have really appreciated the opportunity they had to form relationships with & be mentored by the many godly women who have served as their club leaders over the years.  They still have so many fond memories of their leaders, and I know those leaders were greatly influential in their spiritual development as young girls.  And, since our leaders are gifted in different areas, they had the opportunity to do activities or try things (acting, broadcasting, candlemaking, etc.) that I would not have done at home with them.  Pioneer Girls also gave them a place to form friendships with other girls within the church, and that was very important to them growing up.  They both loved the club activities, like our campouts, making gingerbread houses at Christmas, and the annual father/daughter breakfasts.  We also try to incorporate some leadership training and opportunities into our program—we are hoping to expand that this year–and many of our graduates come back to serve in the nursery or as one of our leaders.  As my girls aged out of the program, they were among the girls that served  in those areas and they also assisted me with many of our special events.  Now that they are older, it has been encouraging to see them put some of this early training to use.  During her four years in college Meghan has been a small group leader and womens’ coordinator for IVF and has worked as a summer camp coordinator for a private academy.  She has repeatedly said that the training she received and the things she learned to do at New Life and in Pioneer Girls (working with children, teaching classes, organizing events, etc.) that has been very important in equipping and preparing her to take on these opportunities as they have been presented to her.  I have loved being a part of Pioneer Girls and pray that God will continue to use this program to help train up the next generation of godly women.  You may contact Dorinda at jhmcconnell@gmail.com.

Current Announcements:


  • Titus 2 Group Signups | Beginning Sunday, July 26 {Foyer after morning service}
    More than a Bible study, Titus 2 is a chance for all ladies (aged 18+) to build relationships in a small group setting by sharing a meal, studying God’s word, and enjoying fellowship and prayer.  Groups meet once a month in a mentor’s home, and a variety of locations, days, and times will be available.  Sessions begin in September or October (depending on the group) and meet for seven months.  This year’s study will be: That You May Know: A Study of 1 John. Contact: Karen Melnick
  • Girls’ Preteen Summer Study
    Thank you to all the women who have offered their assistance with serving as hostesses and teachers for Summer 2015.  We are grateful for your willingness to support this ministry endeavor.  For the schedule, please click hereContact: Heather O’Hara
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS) | July 27 – July 31 (9 am – 12 pm) {11925 Burgess Lane}
    Join us for our annual VBS — a wonderful opportunity to minister to children and their families.  Online registration is closed, but, same-day registration will be available on Monday, July 27 at 9 am.  Please note guests will be assisted first with same-day registration.  Contact: Annie Page
  • VBS Closing Ceremony | Friday, July 31, 6 pm – 7:30 pm {11925 Burgess Lane}
    Our closing ceremony is going to be Friday, July 31st from 6 pm until 7:30 pm.  The church is providing hot dogs; attendees are asked to bring sides.  It will be a time to socialize and have the kids share a little of their week with their parents.  They will sing and there will be some of their crafts on display.  Contact: Carrie Verbosky
  • “Back to School” Women’s Prayer Breakfast | Saturday, August 8, 9 am-10:30 am {Fireside Room}
    This month’s breakfast will feature a “Back to School” theme!  We are delighted to have several guests speakers and a possible ministry opportunity for Loving Our City (L.O.C.).  As always, if you are willing and able to bring a breakfast item to share, please click here.  (Please come regardless of whether or not you are able to bring something to share!) Contact: Amy Auker


  • {Turn in by July 26} VBS Food Items Needed
    Please click here if you are able to donate any food items for our annual VBS.  Several columns include food items needed for the children attending and one column includes food items for our volunteers.  Label ‘VBS’ and drop off in kitchen.  Contact: Grace Ethridge
  • {Turn in by July 26} VBS Decoration Needs to be Borrowed
    Please label all items with your name and they will be returned to you: tube-style Christmas lights, lab coats/jackets, and any non-breakable science-themed items.  Drop off in ministry office by July 26.  Contact: Carrie Verbosky
  • {Turn in by July 26} VBS Craft Supply Donations
    Please label the bag ‘VBS’ & drop off in ministry office by July 26: toilet paper or paper towel cardboard tubes, aluminum foil,  3″ Styrofoam balls, assorted colors of Sharpie markers, and assorted colors of craft wire.  Contact: Dorinda McConnell
  • Church Kitchen Cleaning Volunteers
    A deep-cleaning maintenance schedule has been created.  We suggest during the first week of the month, 2-3 people get together to clean & organize the kitchen. Sign-up with a friend or get to know someone new!  You can access the sign-up hereContact: Christine Fulcrod
  • Furnishings & Cleaning Supplies for Church Manses
    If you are able to donate gently used (or new) furnishings and new cleaning supplies, please click here.  If you have questions regarding delivery of furniture and/or specific needs listed, please contact the deacon on call.  Contact: Michael Prevost
  • Bulletin Folding Volunteers
    Do you have a couple hours on a Friday afternoon you can spare?  Sign up HERE to fold bulletins after 1 pm some Friday.  Takes about 2 hours (faster if you bring a friend!) Contact: Dayra Rumbaugh | 540-786-4848 | dayra@nlicc.org


  • Food Pantry News
    Red and black canned beans, spaghetti sauce, pancake mix & syrup, pickles, powdered detergent, rice, macaroni & cheese, cookie mix, brownie mix & frosting, boxed pie crust mix, canned ham, broccoli cheese soup, gravy, pizza sauce/crust mix/Parmesan cheese/mushrooms, deodorant, toothbrushes, individually wrapped toilet paper. Contact: Connie Both


Have a ministry need or idea for an activity? Contact us at wm@nlicc.org or find us on Facebook.

All for His glory,
The Women’s Ministry Committee


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