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Letting Go

by “Magistratrium” from the Myriads of Thoughts Website

Several weeks ago now, I wrote about some of the lessons I saw in the loss of several precious family heirlooms when my china cabinet fell down. As we moved house over the last month, I have had time to reflect on that loss and recognize ways my thinking and acting have changed as a result.

While I am still sorry that I lost things like my teapot collection and my great-aunt’s water goblets, I have found it easier to give away books, favorite clothing that no longer fit and even items that I really liked but for which I no longer had a use or place. I still have more to weed out and discard, but I can already see the increased spaciousness in my home and in my heart by clearing out things that were extraneous and/or unneeded.

There are so many times we hold onto extra things because we think that we might have a use for them someday or because a friend or family member gave an item to us or because something has been in the family for five generations or out of guilt. However, none of those reasons mean that we have to keep every single thing we have in our home. We can do without many of those things. Unlike our grandparents and great-grandparents who lived through the Great Depression, we don’t need to keep every piece of string or reuse wrapping paper. There is only so much redundancy of every day items that is practical.

Besides, there may be someone else in the family who would love to have great-grandma’s cast iron skillet which you will never use. Your nephew might enjoy Uncle Tom’s train set that is collecting dust in your attic. Perhaps a less fortunate family can use all of those clothes you haven’t worn in three years. And the extra set of plates that you dislike but never get around to discarding could be donated to goodwill. You will be blessing others by giving them these things and there is so much more joy in giving away those items than there is in keeping them around to collect dust and use up valuable storage space. Seeing the joy in the face of the recipients quickly gets rid of any regret you might feel over letting those things go.

It’s also been easier for me to let go of things that were broken or somehow unusable but that I was keeping out of sentimental value. Some of those have been replaced (like the sofa) and some have not (a sewing cabinet). When the ceramic string keeper that had belonged to my grandparents broke in my hands, I was able to throw away the pieces without tears and without frantically trying to glue it back together just because it held precious memories.

Letting go becomes easier and easier the more we practice it. Although we often need a few extras, an overabundance of too many things becomes burdensome and can become unhealthy– mentally, spiritually, and even physically. The more we simplify our lives, the more time and space we will have for other good pursuits that might come our way. Letting go requires trust though–trust that all of our needs will be filled if we give away our extra things. Our God promises us that He will provide for our every need, And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19).

Also, letting go of physical items can lead to letting go in other areas of our lives. We can start letting go of bad attitudes, pet sins, and unhealthy friendships. We can learn to let go of our need to be right every time, to having dessert every night, and of excessively worrying about our children. Obviously, we can’t let go of our obligations and duties towards our husband and families, our churches, or our employers, but there are many little things in our lives that are not obligations and can be easily discarded.

Try letting go. It may just be the first step towards more healthy living for you and a blessing to those around you.

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Current Announcements:

Pastor Appreciation Month is October – Sign up to bless a pastor
We thought it would be nice to have each family bless a pastor (or more than one) during the month. In order to distribute the blessing, we’d like to have you commit to a day to do something special for the pastor and/or his family. You don’t need to share with everyone what you plan to do, just commit to a day and together we’ll bless them each all month long!
Some ideas are: letters, meals, coupons for babysitting, gift cards, an invitation to your home for dinner, gift basket, off-season getaway at your rental property… Brainstorm and have fun! Make it a family affair or get together with a friend and be creative! Sign up here.

Women’s Retreat this Friday through Sunday, October 24-26
Any last minute questions? Contact Connie Both.

Ministry to indigent local public school students
There are many destitute children in our community attending public schools. We have an opportunity to provide some basic necessities for them. Toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, family games, crayons and coloring books may be donated in a box in the foyer beginning this Sunday. We hope to expand the donations to include Thanksgiving Baskets and restaurant gift cards to Country Cookin’ for the holidays. Sarah Worman will be speaking to the Women’s Prayer Breakfast on Saturday, November 8, about this much needed care for local children and looking to expand the ministry to include several churches in the area so students’ needs will be met, and they will learn about the care and compassion of Christ through Christians.

If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact Sarah Worman.

Plan to come to our Reformation Service on Sunday night!
This year we are worshipping at New City Fellowship (200 Prince Edward St., Fred. VA 22401) with New City Fellowship, Evident Grace Fellowship, and Hope of Christ Church. This is a highlight each year. Pastor Doug is preaching this year. The evening will conclude with a reception. Because of the Reformation Service there will not be  Youth Groups or Prayer.

Please pray for the Melnick family
Jim’s younger brother was killed in a car accident on Sunday while driving home to Ohio. The memorial service is this Saturday in Ohio.

Several Afghan immigrant women are looking for work. None are believers yet, but they are at various places in their journeys toward Christ — and would benefit from more contact with Christians. Other variables are their English language abilities, skills, number of hours and pay needed, etc. Please contact Debra Smith to learn more.

Bulletin Folding
Fall is a great time to fold bulletins – older children are in school, schedules are more regular, and you can plan a lunch date and follow it up with service to the church! Do you have a couple hours on a Friday afternoon you can spare? Sign up HERE to fold bulletins after 1 pm some Friday. Takes about 2 hours (faster if you bring a friend!) Questions? Ask Pam in the office.

A Reminder from the Office:

From time-to-time it is good to remind everyone…

Though many people coming to New Life In Christ Church for services, activities and events are not part of the Waverly Village neighborhood, the church is. It behooves us to be respectful to our neighbors by following posted speed limits and being courteous to those attempting to enter and exit Waverly Village. So plan enough travel time and it will be easier to be courteous!

“For it is by grace you have been saved through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-not by works, so that no one can boast.”

Ephesians 2:8,9

Praying this finds you reflecting on the Reformation and the return to Biblical authority as we join Sunday evening to celebrate together with fellow PCA churches.

All for His glory,
Kathryne Marple
for the Women’s Ministry Committee

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