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December’s Ministry Spotlight: Nursery

This month, we hope to (1) showcase the nursery ministry.  We also want to (2) express our gratitude for those who currently serve.  And, finally, we (3) pray that others in the covenant family would prayerfully consider serving in this way to be a blessing to the children and parents who do utilize this option.

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“First, it’s so nice to leave her with adults we trust while we can enjoy the service.  I like that she gets to meet and play with other children in our church family, and it’s also a great way for my husband and I to meet other parents.  And serving is such an easy and important way to support our church.”

“We started with putting our daughter in the nursery during Sunday School (and later for most of the service as well) because I teach Sunday School and my husband is away two weekends a month.  It was hard for me as a first-time mom to leave her in the nursery, but we have been so blessed by the nursery ministry.  The way our daughter is cared for and loved gave me a better picture of what it means to be part of a covenant community.  Even the way that volunteers in the nursery know her by name and let her know that they are happy to see her is an encouragement to her and makes her feel at ease.  She loves nursery!  Every week when we walk into church she excitedly runs to the nursery.  That’s a testament to the dedicated service and care of the volunteers. We are so thankful!”

“My husband and I are so thankful to have the option of nursery available.  During those early years when our children were unable to be trained to sit still and quiet, it was a blessing to us to sit through the service without distraction.  Our children were able to be loved on by other members of our covenant family.  My soul was able to be fed through worship in a special way as a young mother with busy, active young children. It provided rest for my soul!”

“As a first-time mama, there is something extremely beautiful about the service that the nursery offers.  In some ways, it’s very humbling to utilize this option.  By utilizing the nursery, we are inviting others in to come alongside us in our parenting of “the next generation”.  We are prayerful that our child would grow further in the knowledge of God as he experiences the comfort and loving care of those serving in the nursery.”

“It is truly a blessing serving in nursery.  As a covenant body, it is the first opportunity to serve in discipling our youngest members! We enjoy getting to know them and their parents–many of which we would never cross paths with in our busy lives.  We also see the blessing that it can be for the parents, giving them an opportunity to be fed by God’s Word without distraction.  These children are a gift, and we are so thankful to be able to receive the joy that they bring to our lives!”

“Nursery is a sweet way to serve the church and get to know so many in the congregation.  I love the opportunity to love on the little ones in our church family, serve the sometimes tired mamas and share the good news of the gospel with these precious ones.  Years ago, the church where we worshipped called all expectant moms to serve in the infant nursery as a form of “practice” in preparation for becoming a new mother.  That experience was precious and motivated me to continue serving because I see and remember that great need, particularly as a young mother.”

“To me, being in nursery says I am part of God’s family and they trust me with their children. And I can’t think of a better way to support the young moms than to give them the opportunity to worship and focus on God and His Word.”

“I’ve been serving in the nursery for eight years.  I serve because of my union with Christ.  He enables me to love others, especially children of the church, because of the love He has lavished on me.  Serving in the nursery, and all of my other ministry service opportunities, are good works that God has prepared for me to do.  They are ways I can redeem the time because the days are evil.  The times that I “sacrifice” by missing a worship service to serve the littlest in God’s kingdom is really no sacrifice at all, especially because I’m done having babies of my own. Being on the infant side of the nursery gives me a wonderful time of caring for and cuddling with babies.  It’s my “baby fix” since my youngest just turned thirteen.  Because of all that God has done for me in Christ, it’s only reasonable for me to seek Him with my whole heart and one way to do that is to invest in His people by taking a turn in the nursery.”


Upon notifying the church office or the current Nursery Supervisor of your desire to serve, a link would be shared with you for a background check and child protection training.  This is in compliance with New Life’s child protection plan.  After completion of the background check, you would be put on the nursery rotation schedule.  You can sign up with a spouse or with a friend.  This means you would serve one Sunday every 2-3 months (or once every 4 months with more volunteers in the rotation).  Two volunteers each serve on the A side and the B side of the nursery.  These volunteers arrive ten minutes before the service and care for the children in the nursery until the service is finished — usually 9:50 am – 11:30 am.  During that time, children are cared for by playing with them, reading to them, singing praise songs with them, praying with them, feeding them snacks, and changing the occasional dirty diaper.  After, a quick tidying up is all that is needed!

In our current volunteer rotation for the 10 AM Worship Service, we currently have approximately 10 pairs (husband-wife teams or pairs of singles) serving on the “A” Side (Babies) and about 10 pairs (husband-wife teams or pairs of singles) serving on the “B” Side (Toddlers).  That means we currently only have about 20 pairs serving during the 10 am service in our nursery.


Click here for an article written by Pastor Sean in a May 2013 Weekender.  Consider his encouragement from then that was just as true now:  These are just a few ways we can be faithful to teach the next generation the greatness of our God.  Our prayer is that all the children of New Life would set their hope in God and faithfully serve Him all the days of their lives.  Our hope would be that every household, unless providentially hindered, would serve as part of the nursery rotation.”

Please contact nursery@nlicc.org if you would be willing to serve in this way.  We are specifically praying for about 8 more teams of 2 people each (whether a husband-wife team, or, an adult and responsible teenager, or two ladies willing to serve together) so we’d be able to bump up to a 3-month rotation.  Please prayerfully consider becoming a part of the Nursery Volunteer rotation — ask a friend or your spouse to join you!

If you have a devotional, “Ministry Spotlight”, or a “Question of the Month” you’d be willing to share, please e-mail wm@nlicc.org.

Current Announcements:

EVENTS  (For the church-wide calendar, click here)

  • Christmas Cantata | Sunday, December 20 at 6 pm {NLICC Sanctuary}
    Join us for our very own Judy Hinson’s “Son of the Promise” presented by the adult choir, soloists, full orchestra, and narration.  Pre-service music begins at 5:45 pm.  Contact: Church Office | 540-786-4848nlicc@nlicc.org
  • Christmas Eve Service | Thursday, December 24 at 6 pm {NLICC Sanctuary)
    Join us as we reflect on the birth of our savior Jesus Christ through Word and Song.  Contact: Church Office | 540-786-4848nlicc@nlicc.org


  • Women’s Breakfast | Saturday, January 9 at 9 am – 10 am {Barb Plating’s Home}
    Kick off the New Year with us as we meet together for our quarterly breakfast at Barb Plating’s home.  There will be time for mingling, eating, and Tamra Corbeau will also be sharing some thoughts with us — come and hear what God has put on her heart about becoming a new creation in Christ.  As the WMC has made some changes to our events — please remember that this is the first of just four opportunities in 2016 to join together for our breakfasts.  Don’t miss out!  Prayerfully consider inviting a friend or neighbor as it’s such a wonderful opportunity for outreach! Contact: Amy Auker | amy.auker@gmail.com


  • {Respond by Today!} Respond to WM’s Update Question of the Month by  December 17
    Please consider answering December’s Question of the Month: “What does your family do (or what did your family do growing up) to ensure that Jesus remains the reason for the season?”  We hope this dialogue will be an encouragement when the responses are shared in our WM’s Update that will be shared on Christmas Eve.  Click here to respond to this month’s question or email wm@nlicc.org.

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  • Church Directory Update
    Is your family listed in our church directory?  You don’t have to be a member to be in the directory.  We are updating the directory so if you want to be added or have any change in information, please mark the tear-off sheet in the bulletin and place in the offering plate OR contact the church office.  Contact: Church Office | dayra@nlicc.org | 540-786-4848


  • Manse Update
    Scott and Julia Ross move into the manse this Sunday, and we have just a few more items needed to prepare the manse for them.  We are not doing a pounding for them, but if you wish to donate a grocery or department store card for them, that would be appreciated.  If you are willing to donate any of the following items, please contact Kathryne Marple at ka.marple@verizon.net, so she can let you know if it has been fulfilled already.  Your items and cards will need to be brought to the church office by Sunday morning or given to Kathryne at church or otherwise.  Thank you for all the items donated already and your help in making them feel welcome and cared for!
    — 2 small (bathroom/desk size) plastic neutral wastebaskets
    — 2 toilet scrub brush sets
    — 1 queen size lightweight blanket
    — 2 standard bed pillows (new preferred)
    Contact: Kathryne Marple | ka.marple@verizon.net
  • Church Kitchen Cleaning Volunteers Needed for December-March
    A clean and organized church kitchen allows for us to continue so many ministry endeavors — care groups, receptions, luncheons, daily use by the church staff and Covenant School, etc.  This once-a-month rotation of 1-3 volunteers allows us to deep clean, maintain, and organize a heavily used church resource so it can continued to be used well.  Sign-up with a friend or get to know someone new by serving together in this way!  You can access the sign-up hereContact: Christine Fulcrod 540-746-4848 | nlicc@nlicc.org
  • Bulletin Folding Volunteers {Volunteers Needed Friday, December 18 & Wednesday, December 24}
    Do you have a couple hours on a Friday afternoon you can spare?  Sign up HERE to fold bulletins after 1 pm some Friday.  Takes about 2 hours (faster if you bring a friend!) Contact:Dayra Rumbaugh | 540-786-4848 | dayra@nlicc.org


  • Food Pantry {Items can be dropped off in bin in foyer marked Food Pantry}
    Cereal, microwave popcorn, soup, canned vegetables, canned meats (roast beef, ham, tuna, meatballs, sausage), pickles, macaroni & cheese, peanut butter & jelly, floss, toothpaste and face soap.  Contact: Connie Both | bothclan@cox.net


Have a ministry need or idea for an activity? Contact us at wm@nlicc.org or find us on Facebook.
Additionally, please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions, concerns, praises, or prayer requests.

All for His glory,
The Women’s Ministry Committee

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