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Balcony Project

Oct 26, 2023 Update

Exciting photo of balcony project progress! Please continue to pray for the Building Committee overseeing this project and for the construction team working on making the vision a reality. Questions can be directed to: 

Congregational Preview

Oct 26, 2023 Update

The congregational preview event was held on Sunday evening, October 22 and about 40-50 people were in attendance. Attendees were able to enjoy some desserts, preview samples, view images, and read about the process that the committee used to determine criteria and make interior design selections. Thank you to all who attended and gave feedback regarding the interior design selections. We covet your continued prayers as we work to make these selections a reality for our church building. 

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Balcony Project

Jul 28, 2023 Update

Demolition has begun! Pray for timely issuance of permits, construction safety, and wisdom for the Building Committee as they finalize interior design details.  

We encourage anyone with questions or comments to email the committee at BUILDINGCOMMITTEE@NLICC.ORG

Rising Up... Reaching Out... Welcoming In
“Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with  salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person.” - Colossians 4:5-6 


We desire to raise up our eyes, hands, hearts and voices to God in praise and thanksgiving for what He has done. As we draw closer to Him, it becomes more and more apparent that everything we have is His. This, in turn, increases our desire to share what He has given us for the cause of the Gospel!

‘Rising up’ naturally leads to ‘Reaching Out.’ Acts 4:20 “for we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard.” We live in a growing community that has a growing need for the Gospel. As we continue to reach out and share, we want to be prepared to welcome those that hear and answer God’s call of salvation!

As we ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Reach Out’ we believe God will bring those to us that will need to be ‘Welcomed In!’ Jesus told his disciples that he was “…going to prepare a place for them…” and our desire, as much as we are able, is to have a place prepared for those that God is calling to NLICC! A great way to reflect that is an open seat at our table of worship!

Why this Balcony Project? Newsletter from Pastor Sean
  • Additional Seating Capacity
    As a result of COVID we started providing more space between seat-rows in our sanctuary…the Balcony would help offset the loss of seating this approach created as well as add additional seats
  • A More Creative Multiuse Facility Space
    We love that NLICC facilities get 24/7 use and believe that this will enhance our ability to support community-wide events that we host
  • A Welcoming Atmosphere
    When God brings people to our congregation for the first time, we want them to feel welcome and to be able see that "we have a seat for them” … the Balcony will provide147 more seats

“Studies show that crowding and uncomfortable seating drives  members (current and new) away…  usually visible when you approach  80% capacity… the Balcony provides  an economical way for NLICC to  remain a welcoming place of worship”

Dear New Life In Christ Church Family,
Think of the places you feel most welcome. Of all the messages you receive when you show up there, the most welcoming places communicate “we have a place for you here.” This is as true at New Life In Christ Church as anywhere else. In fact, we have a calling to hospitality for the sake of growing God’s kingdom.

This desire to welcome people in has motivated our session and deacons along our “Rising Up … Reaching Out … Welcoming In” campaign to build a balcony. After two years of praying and planning, we believe this is an essential step for providing space for our congregation to grow with our growing community.

We prayerfully ask for your support in reaching our $750,000 goal, by considering a 3-year pledge, as we look to complete this project together.  Completed pledge cards can be dropped off at the church office or dropped into the collection plate on Sunday – we are asking that all pledges be in by 19 February.

Now to Him who is able to do above and beyond all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us – to Him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever, Amen.” Ephesians 3:20-21

Yours in Christ, NLICC Stewardship Campaign Committee

Goal: $750,000
Pledges as of 8 March: $762,124!

Download Pledge Card Balcony Project Newsletter

Balcony Facts

  • 147 Additional Seats

  • HVAC Upgrade

  • Sound & Lighting

  • Stair Doors for Noise Control

  • Furnishings

  • Décor Upgrades to Entire Sanctuary

  • 1st Floor Family Room

  • Expanded Sound Room

  • New Door Keepers Room

  • 8 - Month Construction

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are we pursuing a balcony extension?
    We believe that adding additional seats best provides a welcoming environment for visitors. We want visitors to come in and see we have a place for them in the worship and life of our church.

  2. Why not continue with two services?
    We believe that a single service is the best way to foster a disciple-making community.

  3. What is our seating capacity before and after completing the balcony?
    Our present seating capacity is 424, and the balcony would add 147 seats. Studies suggest that occupancies exceeding 80% of capacity begin to feel crowded and unwelcoming. The average weekly attendance for 2022 was 299 (71% capacity), with peak attendance of 400 (94% capacity).

  4. Do we presently have adequate vehicle parking and restroom capacity to accommodate this increased seating capacity?
    Yes, these comply with local codes for the expansion. We are also looking to add additional parking on the SE corner of the property.

  5. What is the anticipated cost and construction schedule?
    Cost is estimated at $750,000 with contingencies. On the schedule side, we want to begin demolition and construction immediately after Easter and be completed before Thanksgiving.

  6. Will the church be taking a loan for this project?
    Yes, we anticipate taking a loan. This allows us to raise capital over multiple years and at the same time not have finances present a constraint to timely completion of the project. Building campaign money will pay off the loan.

  7. Will our financial pledges remain confidential?
  8. How will you minimize the impact of construction on our regular use of the facility?
    Measures will be in place to retain access to the building for scheduled activities, while at the same time allowing the work to proceed in a safe and non-disruptive manner. Further communication will follow as the project commences.

  9. Will pews or moveable chairs be used in the balcony?
    Pews. Pews are safer, lower cost and give flexibility for large family / group seating.

  10. Will the heating and air-conditioning system effectively accommodate a balcony?
    Yes, HVAC will be expanded. Additionally, ceiling fans will be installed.

  11. Are you moving the sound booth?

  12. What are the plans for a relocated cry-room?
    To retain a physical visual connection to the sanctuary, the cry-room is being relocated to the first floor, looking into the back left corner of the sanctuary. Occupants will be able to observe the service through a newly installed window as well as closed-circuit television screens. This relocation will also provide better accessibility, even for strollers.

  13. Will there be elevator access to the balcony?
    No. The main sanctuary is best for those not wanting or are unable to use stairs.

  14. Will this project be brought before the congregation for a vote?
    Yes, the Session has called for a congregational meeting on Friday February 10 at 7pm. Your participation in this meeting is important, please plan to attend.

  15. Beyond the balcony scope itself, are other facility improvements included?
    Yes, in order to do this, we will also need to change the sanctuary carpet, change the flooring in the foyer, and repaint both areas to match the balcony. These are included in our anticipated costs. Other important projects such as upgrades to the nursery and kitchen remain on the list of things yet to do.
  16. Who is deciding on the new interior decorator color schemes?
    A professional interior decorator is advising us. Her proposed decorating schemes will be on display at the February 10 congregational meeting.

  17. What is happening with the idea of extending and expanding the foyer into the courtyard?
    The expansion committee has deferred this effort to a future time, believing we are better served to focus only on the balcony project for now.